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Web Applications


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Web Applications from DMA

Web Applications

Web n. - the World Wide Web.

Application n. - a computer program that performs useful work on behalf of the user.

With the exponential rise in Internet and World Wide Web usage businesses are always seeking new and more creative ways in which to improve their customer retention, internal communications and improve efficiencies. Data Management Associates provide solutions that employ web based technologies to the full advantage to our clients.

Despite the myriad of features and functionality of today's Windows based software, very few companies can put all of these to actual productive use. At best, a very low percentage of the application feature set is ever employed. DMA will provide a purpose built solution that will be feature rich but geared solely to increasing your efficiency.

Data Management Associates' custom-software approach analyses Clients' requirements in order to deliver the most cost effective solution to address their needs. In some instances this may require a complete custom-developed application. Alternatively, Data Management Associates may recommend an existing shrink wrapped product or a combination of both.

The prime driving force force in these considerations is the value the client business derives from the resulting solution.

Business Management Software is now key to the success of any growing business. Forward thinking organisations are looking beyond their Accounting software and tired CRM solutions. They can see the real benefit of implementing software that fine tunes their business in ways that are easy to use and simple to implement. Data Management Associates have developed an integrated suite of software that provides advanced document management, work flow and process design tools, sales process management software in addition to a range of infinitely adaptable applications that work to increase efficiencies and reduce valuable time overheads.

Work Flow - Talking Point

"Why do you do it that way?" - Everyone working to the same sheet. Every organisation is built on a number of work flow processes, from the prescribed method of greeting someone on the telephone to tracking the certification and accreditation of employees and sub contractors. In order that consistency can prevail Data Management Associates have developed an intuitive method of building processes in-house. It can be set up in a day and end users need very little training. Work Flow and Process management are the foundation of every successful organisation.

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