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Complaints Software


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Complaints Manager from DMA

Complaints Software

Complaint n. - 1. an expression of pain, dissatisfaction, resentment or discontent. 2. a formal allegation made in a civil action and heard in a Magistrates Court.

Software n. - 1. programs, routines and symbolic languages, essential to the operation of a computer. 2. collective term for all the programs that a computer can execute and data on which these programs can operate.

Customer Complaints - No business likes hearing complaints from their customers, they indicate a lapse in service and the possibility of lost business. The DMA Complaints system has been designed to allow customers to register their complaints or suggestions online, either from their home, office or via reception based terminals. Customers start the process by entering the details of their complaint and their contact information. The customer is provided with a unique reference which they can then use to check the progress of their complaint either online or via the telephone.

In-house, the Customer Services team can Assign each entry to an individual member of the customer service team and who will be given access to system. The solution will track all communications between the complainant and the business, including telephone, email and all types of document.

Individual customer care staff can view all files allocated to them and management can view progress on all complaints received. A full audit of each file is carried out until such time as the matter is finalised. Actions are recorded as are refunds and compensation. This is a comprehensive and detailed management solution in an area of business that helps retain customers and increases the level of customer service.

For larger businesses an additional Car Park Complaints Management system is linked to the standard complaints system as an additional module with the specialised content required to monitor customer's car park complaints procedures.

Business Management Software is now key to the success of any growing business. Forward thinking organisations are looking beyond their Accounting software and tired CRM solutions. They can see the real benefit of implementing software that fine tunes their business in ways that are easy to use and simple to implement. Data Management Associates have developed an integrated suite of software that provides advanced document management, work flow and process design tools, sales process management software in addition to a range of infinitely adaptable applications that work to increase efficiencies and reduce valuable time overheads.

Document Management

"Who's got that missing sales order?" - No more missing files. There is far more to document management than Word templates, amendable mail shots, and customised marketing although we do of course include these useful features as standard. The Data Management Associates solution provides backup to your administration processes and an easy to use enterprise wide filing system that means that 'lost files' are a thing of the past. We retain all created, sent and received files, including email, Word, Excel, pdf ... within an ordered filing system that takes minutes to learn. Sounds easy, but don't be fooled, behind this scalable software ( it can handle 75 users and thousands of documents) is a sophisticated data management system that users don't see, that protects your data, and reminds you when important actions need to be undertaken.

Work Flow

"Why do you do it that way?" - Everyone working to the same sheet. Every organisation is built on a number of work flow processes, from the prescribed method of greeting someone on the telephone to tracking the certification and accreditation of employees and sub contractors. In order that consistency can prevail Data Management Associates have developed an intuitive method of building processes in-house. It can be set up in a day and end users need very little training. Work Flow and Process management are the foundation of every successful organisation.

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